Monday, January 13, 2020

Far Cry 5

Esther picked up Far Cry 5 for me for Christmas. It was a fun game to play, though it was entirely inappropriate for any moment with children around. Also there was way too much foul language. The scripting in the game wars terrible overall, forcing choices you would never make and putting you in positions you would either never be in or never survive. Also, there were gameplay elements that were just strange and not reflective of reality in a game trying so hard to be realistic.

All of this was fine to overlook, but I finally finished the game and experienced the most deeply dissatisfying ending I've ever seen in a game. All endings are losses, there is no way to emerge victorious and a game which spent the lion's share of its time being overtly preachy against the ills of people who lean on faith "too much" ends on an even more preachy note of complete hopelessness.

It is the first game I've played where I thought if a child who hadn't really spent much time building a foundational worldview immersed themselves in this story, then it would have the potential to really mess with their heads. And not in a good way. Overall, I'm going to have to say this is a pretty bad game. Despite its awesome mechanics and fun gameplay, the storyline manages to ruin it.

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