Thursday, March 26, 2020

I already hate Borderlands 3

Thanks Art for buying it for me, but I have a control scheme that I use and it isn't the WASD garbage that everyone else uses because they don't like having any buttons near to their hand. It is the EXTREMELY SUPERIOR and better in every single way RDFG config.

However, Borderlands3 will not under any circumstance allow me to bind USE to the letter T where it belongs.

Where I've had it for every single game ever

Good game, I am sure. I am just really struggling with being forced to adjust everything I am familiar with just to accommodate some preset control scheme. I thought preset controls died out in the 90s. Why am I being forced to struggle with it in 2020? FWP, sure. And I AM grateful to have the chance to play the game. I doubt I would invest any money in the expansions, though. Not in this state.

How is RDFG better?
"But Mr. Banal Moron, it's too hard for me to put my hand all the way over on R. I get lost."
Then suffer, pleb. The contention that you cannot use a keyboard is not a valid detraction from RDFG, which is better MOST SIMPLY because it affords access to MORE KEYS conveniently.
Given a conservative equal footing:
WASD gives convenient spacing for 17 buttons.
RDFG gives convenient spacing for 25 buttons.
I guess if easy access to a wide variety of commands as ever-increasingly required by games doesn't really inspire you, then go use a controller. You've missed one of the greatest benefits of having a keyboard entirely.

Ok, your arrogance has won me over, how do you use RDFG?

R- Forward
D - Backward
F - Left
G - Right

E - Crouch/Sneak
S - Primary Weapon or Lean Left
H - Secondary Weapon or Lean Right

Q - Grenade
W - Spray/Emote
Y - Talk
A - Flashlight/Horn/Etc
Z - Item/Tool Cycle or Reload if mouse buttons aren't recognized
B - Inventory (Bag)

Shift - Run
Alt - Examine/Reveal
Tab - Score
Tilde - Console

1-7 - Weapon Selection

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