Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Project 7@0

It is now, once again, the holiday season. To be brief, this time of year lends itself naturally to debt and the overextension of finances. In the spirit of this, I have undertaken a personal project, which I am going to call 7@0.
I will challenge myself every seven days to live for seven days without spending any money whatsoever. This, of course, does not include standard daily needs like gas, groceries and utility bills. What it does include is the following:

1. Money for games
2. Money for coffee
3. Money for desserts
4. Money for entertainment
5. Money for trinkets
6. Money for parts
7. Money for gifts
8. Money for pre-made food

1. I will not spend any money on any games for any purpose at all.
2. I will not buy any coffee bottled, brewed or barista'd
3. I will not buy any desserts or components of desserts. Neither donuts nor cookies nor cake nor sugary drinks of any kind.
4. I will not buy any movies or tickets to movies. Neither will I attend any events with an expense associated
5. I will not buy any interesting or intriguing items which inspire the curiosity, any items which are not necessary for daily existence.
6. I will not repair or replace any broken item which is not necessary to the daily health and safety of the household
7. I will not purchase any trinkets or gifts for my children on a whim
8. I will not eat out or purchase foods which have been made for me, but will instead rely on my own devices for crafting sustenance.

This, starting today.

Sunday, June 17, 2018


I am just not sure. I've been a fan of league of legends for some time and I've thoroughly enjoyed each split that's come along. Something's a little different this time, though. I am not sure what. I think the change to franchising was good overall. I thought the spring split was more engaging than any split before. The summer split has started up and... I don't know. I've had no urge to watch. No real interest in seeing what's going on.

Maybe it's because I don't really play the game any more. I have put in some time the party two weeks, but other than that I've not really kept up.

It seems like every time I load up a game, everything is different and maybe that's part of the problem.

Maybe it is because my favorite team benched my favorite players. Since I don't really have any favorite players to root for any more there isn't much pull.

Maybe it is just because I have too much else on my mind.

I really don't know. I am sure I will sit down and watch a couple games at some point, but right now I think just looking up the scores for each week is about as far as my interest extends.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

What is this?

Samsung Evo 960 M.2 2280  250GB

5 second cold boot to Windows 10 Professional.

I thought SATA SSD drives were as fast as could be needed. This M.2 blows that away.

Friday, March 9, 2018

That feeling

When you realize God gave you exactly what you asked for but you didn't even notice because you were too busy complaining and feeling frustrated because you've assumed you wouldn't get what you asked for because it didn't really come from a place of righteousness

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

My grandfather was racist

My grandfather was racist. 

He was many things. I don't think his racism defined him as a person, but it was there. I'd call it anecdotal racism. His personal experiences, processed through his personal opinions, caused him to apply invalid syllogisms to race which compounded over years of careless presumed verification.

I did my best to overlook it. I disagreed with it directly when appropriate, but also cared to show a concern for respecting his age and experience. I never thought he should die for those views. I wouldn't have accepted someone killing him over it. 

I hoped respectful discourse would have an impact. It never did. Yet, I still don't actually think his errant opinions warranted execution. I believe in accepting people with differing ideologies. 

Although I agree with the indignation expressed toward white supremacists rearing their ugly ideology, the ideology itself doesn't eclipse their humanity. At least not to me. They are clearly confused and even more clearly wrong. But what is this "kill them all" mindset which has pervaded our media as though such a stance is itself normal or acceptable?

As I listen to the bloodthirsty vociferations of our society I can only wonder how much longer until there is a murderous outcry to eradicate all who believe what I do. In my youth I never would have thought this version of the United States would exist within my lifetime. I was both blind and naive. 

This world is not my home.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Birthday Musings Round 2

I am also interested in some cooperative board games!

Escape from the Cursed Temple

Mechs and Minions (League of Legends board game)

Birthday Musing Round 1

When asked about what I might desire for my birthday, something leaped immediately to mind. I am not going to pretend it is the only thing, but it was the first. Before I get into it, though, I would like to note that the large sums being disseminated toward travel expenses to help our family are much appreciated and my highest priority. Please don't spend even more on presents if the travel is already a financial burden. 

What I thought about first of all was my desire to get a pen as a vehicle for some Pelikan Edelstein Aventurine ink into my life. I've already tried (and failed) to make this happen with cartridges and a Pilot Metropolitan Pop pen. Esther can attest to some of the general frustrations caused (read: ink everywhere).

I think the Pilot Metropolitan is a great fountain pen as an entry point into the "oh there are still fountain pens in the world" realization. These pens are about $14 and they are good writers for the price. However, they aren't phenomenal. They have some issues with leakage, drying and poor starts. Once the pen dries out, it can be frustrating to get it working again. On top of these natural concerns is the fact that the Pelikan cartridge system is in no way compatible with Pilot pens. The cartridges are too long. To overcome this, I pierce the cartridge and empty it into the Pilot converter. This tends to make a gigantic mess and although the ink is water soluble it still leaves a vague stain wherever it lands. I can't imagine Esther is a huge fan. Although I love the ink, the current system can't and won't continue.

I'd prefer to work with the bottled version:

I would need a piston filling or vacuum filling pen to put the ink in. My current pen interests are as follows:

Sadly, none of these pens is particularly inexpensive, ranging from the $150 Pilot Vanishing Point to the $60 TWSBI Diamond 580AL. Currently, I would say I am most interested in the TWSBI Vac Mini, as I have become fascinated by the vacuum filling mechanism employed by this pen. It's still a $70 pen. I have long been interested in the Lamy 2000, which has a very understated but beautiful "German" design and is relatively inexpensive for a 14k gold nib, which I am really interested in trying out. However, any pen over $100 is a bit of a stretch.

I also really enjoy the Pilot Juice Up ballpoint gel pens. They are the best I've used to date, however, the 0.3mm variety I am currently using are like needles and are surprisingly unpleasant to write with when compared to the 0.4mm version I originally tested. I'd love to get a variety of the larger tip
Pilot Juice Up 0.4mm Variety