Monday, November 25, 2019

Rift Delays

There's been some shifting in my priorities over the past month. Though neither new nor original, the fact is that we are beyond merely poor at this time in our lives. This isn't public news necessarily, but its not revolutionary either and it is the truest justification for why I am not moving forward with the projects I'd intended. There is a bit of cost still associated with completing the copy of Rift for ZAO, and I don't have the means to make that happen at this time. There was also another unexpected hiccup in the process which doesn't deserve to be mentioned in detail, but its effect has been a pronounced need to take a step back from the card manufacture process.

I still fully intend to complete the project, simply at a slower, more measured pace. And once I finish that project it is unlikely I will continue making cards at any volume. It was fun, though.

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