Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Should be obvious

Do you know why it is alright to kill an animal?

Seriously, the animals=humans argument has gotten out of hand. Animals != humans.

In other news...
I love my Boxee Box, though I haven't talked about it much. The device is not without its issues. Currently the networking on the device needs some serious work. My main complaint against it is the difficulty it has maintaining a network share with Windows7 64-bit computers. It makes the two main sections of the home screen ("movies" and "tv") completely useless to me even though they don't have to be (if the problem were fixed).

Other than that minor frustration, it is a phenomenal device which will attain the status of near-perfection once it also includes an official Hulu+ client (assuming Hulu+ continues to be as great as it is right now). I would warn anyone seriously considering acquiring a Boxee Box to be fully aware that it requires some level of technical know-how to get the most out of it right now. This is an unfortunate but very true reality.

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