Wednesday, March 23, 2011

And That's Why It's Frustrating

"The mark of a good scientific theory is that its proponents need to provide a test - or many such tests - that the theory could fail. This concept is called falsifiability...This is the major flaw of the so-called theory of intelligent design. You're not allowed to simply state that your theory is correct - even if it explains all currently observed phenomena. As part of your homework you are require to provide a test - ideally many tests, that, were your theory to fail them, you'd have to admit that you were wrong, and intelligent design doesn't do that."
-A User's Guide To The Universe

This statement is touted even though it immediately follows the statement:
"Despite popular claims to the contrary, theories in science are never actually proven to be correct. The ones that we accept as the 'truth' are simply the ones that have failed to be disproven."

This is a deeply insightful stance, which I may or may not be able to convey (the insight of). Essentially, the thrust of this is that "science" cannot accept anything it cannot measure, test or prove. Furthermore "science" cannot prove anything, therefore it only accepts the things it cannot disprove. Therefore, since God cannot be measured or tested, since He chooses not to be, He cannot be accepted scientifically. In other words, we hereby draw a line in the sand and say that unless God subjugates himself to us we can't "scientifically" accept Him. In fact, we will refuse to consider Him in any way shape or form. Furthermore, we will mock and malign any supposed "scientists" who have the gall to presuppose a God when they approach their research.

So, let's sum up:
Science says "we don't know anything for certain and anything which is not subjugated to our ability to test and measure will not be considered."

Well, modern "science" says that anyway. And this is what our culture universally accepts as the final standard of all truth and knowledge? It seems logic has no place in modern science, which makes it the perfect foundation for a generation of people incapable of learning anything or actually debating any point. Modern science is simply the pinnacle of smug ignorance, proclaiming loudly that there is no hope of knowing anything. Despicable.

Here's my standard:
"Why do you believe what you believe?"

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