Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Onward with the projects. Apparently, at least according to James, I got the factory job. Therefore, I will be very busy starting next Monday (likely) and have far less time for projects. So, I am plugging away at the more time consuming and pressing needs that I can think of.

> Just finished the one laptop I can fix. The other one is given up for dead.
> Working on the YUM project as it has already been promised to the YUM constituents.
> Letting the entertainment cabinet fall by the wayside for now as it is far too cold to paint.
> I think I can safely say that 2 weeks/no response means I failed at the research project.
> 5 Act plot revision and Book 3 plot on hold.
> Fileserver motherboard replacement still waiting on spare funds (likely not until after final debt is paid in full)
> Oh man, I know there's more and I can't think of it.

So busy. Too busy. But, I press onward regardless.

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