Monday, January 31, 2011

Some Quick Math

I am not going to preface this with any sort of explanation because I don't want to potentially seem ungrateful or unwilling to work. I am just going to put some facts on the table.

I work for NxNW for $15/hr. as a van driver. My average day is 14 hours long. So, I will simplify the math on that and say that I never earn double or triple time (which is not true) meaning my average day is worth $255. Last year I worked four movies for an average of 25 days per movie (actually more overall, but I am lowballing to make a point). So that's 100 days. So, in 100 days (4 months) I earned about $25,500 before taxes last year (actually I earned more, but you get the idea). So, to rephrase, I worked 4 months out of the year and took 8 months off (to write), earning $25,500 for the whole year.

Now, let's take a random job, earning $8.92/hr. If I work that job for 40 hours a week (standard job hours) and work all 52 weeks out of the year, I would earn $18,553.60 before taxes. So, that's $7,000 LESS for the year for working THE ENTIRE YEAR with no breaks, vacations or time off.

So, you can see how this is a hard sell for me. I can't really justify it. Sure, I am working all the time and that looks impressive on paper. Look at Aaron, he's always working. But, I am also a retard because I could be earning more money working 1/3 of the time.

I didn't point this out to be mean or to say I would not work a $9/hr. job. I pointed it out to say that prioritizing my job with NxNW above pretty much anything else available is not stupid or irresponsible. It's smart (and Esther agrees with me).

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