Thursday, February 3, 2011

Xoom Xoom

I have this vision. I want to put a Xoom speaker dock on my writing desk upstairs. It is small and inconspicuous and would allow me to come home with the tablet, plug it into the dock, pull out the bluetooth keyboard and use it like a full-fledged computer. The only real limitation to the dream is the fact that my premium wireless router does not seem to reach to that corner of the house. I wish the Xoom dock came with an ethernet port. Le sigh.

Oh, right, the Xoom. Yeah, I am totally sold on the device. I am completely aggravated by how expensive it is going to be, but 15 weeks of movie work should net me enough money to afford it according to the new plan Esther and I agreed upon. Sure, it won't be brand new then, and I will have missed several months of opportunity to use it in the van at work. But, there's really nothing else I can do about it, so no sense crying. It's not like I don't have a DroidX.

Still plugging away at projects and I will continue to do so until the end of the week. I think I have decided upon Google Spreadsheets as the medium for the YUM project, however, I am frustrated with the way their links work. I don't like having to click on links twice to open them, it's kludgy at best. I also don't like having to write out a formula to create each link - this is less than ideal for passing it along to the YUM ladies. I think I might be tied into running the spreadsheet for the forseeable future. Oh well.

Only a couple weeks until the rumored release of that fancy new tablet. Then I can fondle it and wipe my tears with it's soft rubber casing.

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