Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wiring Finished

Just spent the better part of the day completing the wiring project at our new duplex. Terminating jacks brought back a lot of good memories of working in Telecommunications with Scott. It also was really hard on the back and the knees. The jack faceplates look horribly out of place (old Lucent jacks free from Moody) and they will have to be replaced with jacks and faceplates which better match the duplex before we move out. But that's at least a year away, so plenty of time to spread the cost out over many months.

I also took a lot of measurements so we could better figure out the layout we want for after the move. It's kinda hard waiting all the way to the 15th to move in, but it doesn't look like they will be finished any sooner than that. Oh well.

Next up, get more query letters out, make another application to work for Apple, and apply for a job with an app making company.

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