Sunday, April 4, 2010

If anyone is interested

I am going to be trying out a new experiment to augment FunctioningChumesa. I am going to be doing a "live writing" exercise on Monday, April 5th, 2010 using Google Wave. I will be writing for 6 hours, starting at 9a.m. and ending at 3p.m. and anyone with a wave account can e-mail me for access to the wave [wave name begins with "Epilogue"]. I can't guarantee it will be terribly interesting all day. In fact, I can't guarantee it will even last all day (if I finish early, then I finish early and move on to putting the second edit together for print). In spite of that, anyone who wants to can jump on the Wave and watch me write. You can even make comments in real time.

I am pretty excited about the idea of it. We'll see how it goes. I will shoot out a Twitter or something when I officially start at 9a.m. (10a.m. mountain, 11a.m. central, 12p.m. eastern)

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