Friday, April 9, 2010

Mmmm W7

I finally got around to upgrading my computer to Windows7 [thanks to my book finally being done]. Actually, I spend most of my time struggling with our loser htpc [apparently fullscreen flash playback is EXTREMELY processor intensive - or vista just sucks take your pick], but today I took a break from computer woeland and went to fiddletown... wait... that sounds wrong.

Anyway... I have mentioned in the past how I really like Windows7, so I won't bother going over that ground again. What I do wish to share is that W7's excellent customize-ability makes it play very nicely with Rainmeter [thank you to Jeremy for linking Lifehacker articles... very interesting stuff]. At first I hated Rainmeter because, like all computer customization programs, it is supported by a vast user base of impatient snobs who have so very little interest in helping a newbie understand their program that they have crossed over into the land of elitism where people who can't surmount the learning curve don't deserve to exist [i.e. use the program]. Fortunately, I surmounted the learning curve all on my lonesome - no thanks to anyone else [who actually thinks "search the forums more, the answer is buried in there somewhere" is helpful?]. I say fortunately because it allowed me to make customized desktop pretties! And that's what I want to share. My pretty desktop. After a day of banging my head against a wall I finally got it to look somewhat like I wanted it to.

Don't worry, I know my feeling of accomplishment skews my perspective into thinking this is much more interesting [to you] than it actually is.

Desktop background changes randomly:

Also, picture with labels for the desktop elements

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