Saturday, January 23, 2010


To be a bona fide badass in Torchlight, one must own a game-winning Very Hard Hardcore character...

...who dies before I can get any useful abilities.





  1. So what's your build cause 30+ is a mystery to me..

  2. I haven't gotten over level 26 with a hardcore character and I haven't gotten over level 14 with a very hard hardcore one. So, I am not exactly an authority on 30+

    I think something like this is as far as I have gotten. Ember lance is the killer ability for the Alchemist, though I think I need to start dumping points into ember shield. Also, it's hard to make progress when you have to wait until level 15 to get the ability to kill anything. What I am shooting for is something like this but actually getting that far is proving hard for me to accomplish. If I can work up the nerve to try again, I think the transition to using ember shield will help a lot.

    As for the other classes, I hear Avengers are pretty easy... maybe I should make one of those. I do have a Hard Hardcore Spectral Echo Titan who is a higher level, but I feel I should have started him on very hard. Sigh.

  3. You can switch difficulty without cheating. It's a little complicated ( but can be done. If you fool around with your character other then difficulty level, you will be branded a cheater (only on that character) but will be able to mod everything. I've tried different builds this way.

  4. Just lost another one. Made it to level 14 again and died in the exact same spot. /frustration.