Sunday, January 24, 2010

Desks and Pictures

I was thinking today that I ought to start posting a few more pictures on the weblog since Google allows it. I think I will eventually begin this habit by posting up some pictures of the desks as they come together. Also, there's a ton of pictures of Malachi which are worth sharing.

The desk project had yet another day added to it. There wasn't enough warm time on Saturday to put two coats of paint onto the bottom side of the pieces, so we ended up doing the second coat today, Sunday. This means the polyurethane coats are delayed until tomorrow. I want to give the whole project a day to rest after that, so I won't be gluing anything together until Wednesday, but at least my mother will still be here to see the fruits of her labors. Then, it's a month before the polyurethane will be cured enough to endure heavy use.

Boo at the project taking longer than expected. Yay at the project being completed from start to finish in just over one week. Especially yay since it's a much much larger project than I initially anticipated.

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