Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Parent Energy

Fatherhood is fairly exhilarating in unexpected ways. Although I am getting maybe half as much sleep as I used to and basically no time to waste, I am finding myself more effective than ever before in my life. I still forget tasks with stark regularity, but I am accomplishing so very much more. Babies inspire a surprising sense of purpose.


  1. okay, i know i've been under a rock, working all the time, being out of communication with people.

    but how the crap did i not hear you had your kid?!

    grats, dad.

  2. Thanks. He's only 12 days old, so you didn't miss it by too much. Sorry you didn't get the word. We should stay in contact more. Yeah.

    Also Spokane is more awesome than wherever you are.

  3. Oh good! Your latest newb-father insight has been highly intriguing to follow. So gj.

    And I wouldn't doubt for a millisecond that Spokane is superior. Wherever you choose to grace with your presence simply defines the utter lack of awesomeness left in the negative space that is stricken with your absence.

    And, yeah, we need to talk more. Sorry...