Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Baby Bath

We just gave Malachi his first bath in the water. It was super cute. He actually complained a lot less than we anticipated, which made it even cuter. Esther sat in the bath with him, which I think helped.

Afterward, I took him into the bedroom to dry him off and then the screaming really started. I think he got a little cold, though he was reasonably close to completely dry before I took him out of the warm towel-swaddle. After getting the diaper on and pulling the onesie over his head the screaming had escalated to purpleness which looked distinctly unhealthy.

So... I scolded him. I put on my best dad voice and told him he was just throwing a fit and he should settle down because he was alright and we loved him. After which he quieted down almost immediately. And then he stared at me. Just stared at me. I wrapped him in his swaddle, kissed him repeatedly and cooed about how much Esther and I loved him. And he stared. I couldn't decide if he was looking at me with awe or fear, but I was overwhelmed by the concept of how big an impact I had made on the child.


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