Friday, November 1, 2019


It is nice to have a relaxing game mode which doesn't require thought. However, the contention that TFT takes any kind of skill is just silly. Sure, you can try to make the best of the random garbage the game gives you, and end up in the top 4. So, in that sense I guess there is some form of competitive nature. However, it is not a skill based game. SR is entirely skill based. Understand the matches, understand the champions, draft accordingly and then use in-game skill to win or lose. ARAM is 50% skill. You get a random comp (sometimes complete garbage) but the win is still largely dependent on your ability to play the champion you're given. If you can play it well, then there is a reasonable chance you can pull off a win. It can't be considered competitive, because at a certain level all players are good at basically all champions, meaning the team comp is the deciding factor, which simply isn't fair. TFT, on the other hand, is completely random team comp and no skill at all. You just watch your garbage champions be garbage. At some point, you have to commit to a team comp, so you pick something that seems reasonable based on what the game is giving you. Then the game shifts and gives you completely different stuff for the rest of the time, so your comp never comes together. Random on top of random. Zero skill involved.

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