Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Project 7@0

It is now, once again, the holiday season. To be brief, this time of year lends itself naturally to debt and the overextension of finances. In the spirit of this, I have undertaken a personal project, which I am going to call 7@0.
I will challenge myself every seven days to live for seven days without spending any money whatsoever. This, of course, does not include standard daily needs like gas, groceries and utility bills. What it does include is the following:

1. Money for games
2. Money for coffee
3. Money for desserts
4. Money for entertainment
5. Money for trinkets
6. Money for parts
7. Money for gifts
8. Money for pre-made food

1. I will not spend any money on any games for any purpose at all.
2. I will not buy any coffee bottled, brewed or barista'd
3. I will not buy any desserts or components of desserts. Neither donuts nor cookies nor cake nor sugary drinks of any kind.
4. I will not buy any movies or tickets to movies. Neither will I attend any events with an expense associated
5. I will not buy any interesting or intriguing items which inspire the curiosity, any items which are not necessary for daily existence.
6. I will not repair or replace any broken item which is not necessary to the daily health and safety of the household
7. I will not purchase any trinkets or gifts for my children on a whim
8. I will not eat out or purchase foods which have been made for me, but will instead rely on my own devices for crafting sustenance.

This, starting today.

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