Monday, November 4, 2013


How productive could I be with a Surface Pro 2? Well, that's hard to say. If past experience serves at all, I would have to admit that I would be no more productive than I am currently being. In fantasy land, though, I am a billion times more productive. You can draw on it. So, obviously, I would take up drawing again. You can write on it, so I would, of course, pump out 20-50 novels in the next three years. You can play games on it, so there is no doubt that I would never need another computer upgrade after buying it.

Sadly, none of those things are true. What is true, however, is that my staunch objection to Microsoft's entry into the tablet space has been neutralized. I don't like everything they are doing with Windows 8 or everything they are doing with their tablet. I don't like every direction they are taking it. Despite that, it is a nice piece of hardware and I would definitely jump at a chance to get my hands on one. And, no, I have no interest in abandoning Android. That's silly talk.

And who knows, if I did get one, I might just do all those things listed above...

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