Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I Am Amazing

I am not doing anything particularly noteworthy in the realm of writing, and that is a matter of great sadness. But this is not to say that I am not doing anything notable with my time. 

Of course, I am celebrating the birth of my second son, which is wonderful and that is probably the most important thing I am doing with my time. I have also learned a great deal about Excel and VBA from my experiences at work, which has led to the creation and augmentation of several tools which are now in regular use. This is the arena where I devote the most creative and speculative thought these days. I lament the lameness of giving some of my best mental product to something as trivial as a job, but it is the truth. I am accomplishing many things of which I am quite proud. Unfortunately, they do not translate well, or at all, into the rest of my life, so there isn't really a way to show them off in a social manner.

I do always love to learn new things, though. So, perhaps it is not so much that I am amazing as it is that I am amazed at the awesome things I get to learn and experience. Adrift under the tide of the more pathetic aspects of my current existence (back problems for instance), I just wanted to note the fact that I am not a completely lost cause. I am good for some useful work. 

I really need to make a list of the projects I have to work on, though. There are some incredibly fun things that are just slipping through the cracks while I am preoccupied. A list. Yes. That will be good.

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