Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I wonder if my limited social capacity is at all annoying to others. I generally get tired of interaction after about 10 hours of it in a week's time. Work foists a solid 40 hours into my life, which I try my best to pare down to the 20ish range through the liberal use of headphones and "concentration." Still, this leaves little to no time for all my friends who used to receive at least a passing "hello" with some frequency. I wonder if it bothers anyone?
I am going to assume it doesn't. Most are probably completely indifferent to my presence or absence anyway.

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    And I am bothered. I've been thinking about you the last couple weeks. Time for some bro-time.

    The problem is that I forget to check your blog. Y'know in the olden days, back when they spelled store "shoppe", people would talk to each other and say things like-
    Guy 1: Salutations!
    Guy 2: Greetings.
    Guy 1: It's been a while.
    Guy 2: Yup.
    Guy 1: I've been workin like crazy.
    Guy 2: Oh. Applebees?
    Guy 1: Cool. 8?
    Guy 2: Ok.

    And then they would catch up with each other, vent their frustrations about work and stuff to each other, toss around ideas like the internal combustion engine and the internet and they would call it friendship.

    We should try that.