Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thankful v11

It has been along time since I deigned to put my thoughts to written word. Somewhat because my daily schedule has been drastically changed and somewhat because I prefer the mindlessness of entertaining pursuits to the rigor of pushing myself to be a better, more prolific, and more insightful writer.
I still haven't finished my book and I have grown steadily more disconnected from the concept of being a writer. I have fallen into the niceties of routine. I have a job which pays more than I can reasonably expect and, although it isn't enough to pay our bills I have found comfort in knowing I can't possibly do better. Feeling like I am doing everything I can is a pleasant release from the relentless urge to accomplish which had previously driven my efforts at prose.
I don't want to abandon my story by any means, but since it doesn't fit into our hectic life any longer it feels relaxing to stop caring.
So today I am thankful for a job that is better than a person without any degree (like myself) could ever hope to get.

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