Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Of games and gaming.

My wife has noted, on occasion, an observation of using my phone for games. It is a habit she actively avoids with her own phone, being concerned she might fall into a pattern of misuse with her own Android machine.
It is an accusation I initially dismissed. After all, when I first acquired my DX I had zero interest in the games proffered by its capabilities. I owned a DS, XBoX, Wii, and PC which were my primary sources of gaming fare. Android appeared to offer little of interest by comparison.
However, having a child has drastically altered my gaming habits. I've found myself abandoning my PC obsession and possessing little opportunity to take advantage of the consoles waiting patiently in my living room. It is a hassle to try to bring my DS in addition to everything else I am typically carrying. Any game which doesn't allow me to pick it up and put it down again repeatedly for short bursts of entertainment is likely to be overlooked any more.
In this climate, I have found the true and powerful attraction of games (or apps) for Android (likely for iOS as well). They are simple. They are accessible. They are immediate. They require almost no investment. In short, they are perfect for people like me.
My gaming is currently at an all-time high since the birth of my son. I have been spending somewhere between 5-10 hours playing games over the course of each week. That is a huge number. The majority of this is on my phone.
Android has done what Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and thousands of PC developers should have done years ago. (Steam came the closest by the way). They have made a platform where a user can have literally hundreds of games instantly available. No cartridges or discs to change, no long loading times. The device itself is not only easy to keep on your person at all times, it is a device you carry around anyway.
Yes, the games lack depth. There are many control issues. They aren't the greatest games in the world, but for a person in my shoes who still wants to be a gamer, they are more than enough to give the desired fix.
A lot can be said about the shortcomings of the mobile platform, but when it comes right down to it, the strengths are every bit as compelling as they are advertised to be.

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