Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lost In My Own World

I have been meaning to put out a printed version of my latest work for friends and family only and I got lost in the process of creating the cover yesterday. So lost, in fact, I lost the entire day to the project, which is still unfinished. It is coming along nicely though. I haven't tried to draw anything in years, so I started off at the most natural starting point I could think of: drawing letters. I know, in print it sounds lame, but I hold that calligraphy is an amazing art form in its own right and, though I have not practiced it in over a decade, an incredibly interesting and fun art to pursue.

I had a really good time working on my project yesterday, and was really looking forward to diving back into it today, but I awoke with the realization that all the other projects I am in the middle of and had put off to work on this project still need to be finished as quickly as possible. So, I am trying to catch up on my other projects and promising myself I will get to spend some more time with my book cover later today.

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