Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Loose Grasp On Reality

I am currently spending a good portion of my writing time tackling topics I just barely grasp the meaning of. This is one of those situations where I need God to come alongside my feeble brain and provide some clarity and direction. A little while ago I bought a book on quantum mechanics because I thought it would make some good, informative reading. I was right, it is very helpful. I gleaned a great many ideas for my Sci-Fi story from it. Now, on the backside of that reading experience, I am trying to take what I've learned and intelligently find the loophole in the existing scientific theories of today. And what I mean by "the loophole" is the area where they aren't quite certain they know it all yet, so that I can manipulate that area into some sort of plot point which semi-legitimizes all of the otherwise grossly incorrect assertions I am going to make in my story. I want to do this to give my story depth. I tremble to do this because, well, I don't have a terribly firm grasp on the theories I am toying with so liberally. Sometimes trying to make something sound smart just makes it sound that much more unintelligent.

I'd like to avoid that.

Otherwise I am still working on the entertainment center for the basement. I say "still working on..." as another sort of loose interpretation of the past week where I worked on it exactly not at all. I have a game-plan now, though, and I am preparing myself to go out into the cold and sand away. Our garage does benefit from resting in-between two warm houses and this fact makes it moderately more pleasant to work in than the old detached garage we had at our former apartment. Moderately. It's still quite cold out there and I am reluctant to leave the door to the house open for heat because our electric bill has been crazy enough this year. No added stimulus is really needed at this point.

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