Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another Day

I discovered that the old paint on the (soon to be) new entertainment center will scrape off with the application of a 5-way and some armunition (yes, I just typed that) which means it will be a long process for me as I possess little in the way of endurance. Despite that, it is good news because it means I will be able to get a cleaner coat of paint on the thing when all is said and done. I am starting to get excited to see it finished, which is dangerous primarily because my cycle goes like this: excited (with generous helpings of enthusiasm) > overanxious to see it finished > frustrated it isn't finished yet > angry at how long it will take to do it right > depressed. Childish? Why yes.

I also found out that I have an almost guaranteed *censored* if nothing else shows up in the next month or so, yay(ish). Unfortunately it is a *censored* at a *censored*, something which I foolishly swore I would never do again no matter what the consequences. So, naturally, it seems God may want to make sure that I have to own/redo/experience everything I've ever made a vow against. I really hope I can find a different *censored*. I hate the mind-numbing repetition and endless busy-ness of *censored*. It is the worst thing ever.

(Censored so as not to hurt the feelings of anyone who might read this - especially people who are just trying their best to help me out.)

Oh! And though this is not exactly the best place to post it, I have finally been making some real progress on the project of mapping out the rest of the storyline more thoroughly.

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