Friday, January 21, 2011

A Knack For Distraction

Well... all of my outstanding projects notwithstanding, I couldn't help myself. I fixed an outstanding issue with the website. "What's that?" you say, "You still have a website at" Yes I do, and when every last agent rejects me I will be putting the second book up on the site. And since I am anticipating the possibility of this occurring, I felt the irrepressible need to fix this long-unheeded problem. Namely, the book reading interface was designed to open in a new window, sized to the interface's specifications.

There are many things wrong with this scheme.
1) Every browser seems to interpret the java script dictating the size of the popup window differently, meaning most of the time the interface was improperly displayed in the window.
2) I hate popups. I used it because I had convinced myself it was more user-friendly (at the time) and have since decided that's a load of hokum. Opening right in the site is more user friendly.
3) The HTML code for the tables containing the book interface was being interpreted in retarded ways by different browsers (*ahem Internet Explorer, why do you always have to suck so hard?) and needed to be "fixed" anyway.
4) The popup made it impossible to read the book from mobile devices. Well, not impossible, just inconvenient.
5) Oh, I know I already said this in 4), but the popup was just wildly inconvenient. Where would it appear? Would it be in focus?
6) The book interface popup had a habit of getting lost behind the main browser window, which was, again, very inconvenient.

So, I recoded the whole thing and integrated it into the website. At first brush I thought it was going to be horribly time consuming and difficult to accomplish. Actually, though, it turned out to be not all that bad thanks to some good, forward-thinking website structure on my part (thanks Shon for training me well). Although, I suppose losing my entire morning to the project doesn't exactly make the project "quick."

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