Saturday, June 19, 2010

Meet Me

I am a procrastinator. It's a bad habit which only gets worse over time if not actively contended with. Recently, procrastinating has caused my query letter to be finished an entire week later than it should have been. Here I am, facing a new weekend and - while I've made impressive progress - I still don't have the synopsis finished and I still can't send my query out.

This is a bad habit and it needs to stop.

I have been, for the past seventeen to twenty-one years, working on a single story. It's a massive story spread over five distinct acts. I have grand visions for it and all that it will include. I want to take an approach to storytelling which I have never seen anyone use before. The story itself is pretty awesome. I think about it every single day and quite often during the day. If you ever see me staring out a window blankly or just off into space with no real inclination to do anything else - you've witnessed me thinking about my story. Through all of this I've had thousands of great ideas which I've worked into the plot. It's been a wonderful experience.

But... now is the chapter of my life where I need to get it all out into the world. This is an enormously daunting task. Try to appreciate it from my point of view. This story has defined me as a person since before puberty and the idea of placing it under someone else's judgement shakes me to the core like nothing else. But it's time. I need to make it happen. Hence, procrastination simply doesn't work for me as a lifestyle choice any more.

On another note, Esther and I have been watching Avatar: The Last Airbender and... wow... it really is a great story/series. I highly recommend it.

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