Friday, May 14, 2010


I recently decided [note: for those who are unfamiliar, recently (to me) means "within the past 12 months"] that I need a literary agent. Some of the reasons behind this are financial, but mostly it is because I am horrible at selling myself. I am pretty darn good at underselling myself, but that doesn't help anyone. Hmmm... maybe all of the reasons are financial.

Getting a literary agent... wow... that's a task. It's pretty much just like trying to sell your book to a publisher. You have to sell it. You have to be interesting. There's lots of rules which are unclear. It's easy to offend people. It's pretty much everything I thought I would avoid by getting a literary agent. Still, if I succeed, the agent will do me more good than harm - of that I am certain.

Anyway, I am busily trying to think up how to describe my work in ways that are both concise and attractive while simultaneously being NOT lies. I am so lost. But I plod on.

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  1. That's how I feel every time I interview for a job now. Bah. Good luck sir.

    Btdubs I might have joined a band yesterday. More to come.