Friday, April 23, 2010

Possibly as a means of ingesting it

Kick Ass, or "Kick A**" as the ticket proclaims, was a strange experience for me. It doesn't take a lot of words to explain why. It was awesome fun in one portion of my brain. It was a good "girl kicks butt" movie in another portion. It was depressing in some ways, pitting the optimism of a superhero fantasy world against the concept of villains willing to take the fight as far as death and sometimes farther [but not entirely... the film avoided getting too intellectual about it]. Perhaps the strangest part of the film and the hardest to digest was also the most fun part. The little 12 [?] year old girl who runs, jumps, twists, kicks, and lays waste to the evil bad guys is, at the end of the movie, still a little girl who is mercilessly murdering droves of people in a glorified bloodbath. I suppose you could argue this is a strong tool to get the point across [whatever point it might be], using the innocence of a little girl to contrast against the "logical" reaction to the bad guys. I don't know what the intention was. I do know it makes it incredibly difficult to give the film a resting place in my mind.

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