Monday, January 4, 2010


Progress continues on the nursery, converting it from office/storage shed into a home for our growing boy. Fortunately, there is no immediate need for it for the baby's sake, but we do want to have it in basic working order for when Esther's sister arrives tomorrow. Otherwise there will be trouble. Big trouble. Or, really, just a lack of a place to put her sister's baby while she is here.

I have been surprised by how quickly the room has come together. There was so much work to be done in the way of consolidation and organization before we could even start the task of actually emptying the room. It all seemed overly daunting, I have to be honest. In hindsight, though, the process has gone smoothly and I am becoming impressed with the results.

I still have a few hours of cleaning left before Miriam's arrival, but I am confident now it will be no trouble to finish.

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