Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Our lives have transformed into exactly what Malachi's life is right now. Eat, sleep, poop... we don't have time for anything else. When other projects come along, we start them with the best of intentions, but inevitably forget to ever work on them because we are far too busy with the first three priorities of life to devote any actual time to anything.

I initially started with the assumption that going to work in addition to raising a child was more difficult. I think it's more of a trade-off now that I've had the experience. At least if you get to leave the house and go to work, you get an opportunity to retain some sense of focus. It allows a person to do things without the continual, unstoppable force of interruption which is a newborn.

Now that Esther's mom is here, I feel a bit more right-sided. I tried out some new freedom yesterday and I almost devoted two hours to... well... playing a game... but what I was doing is not as important as the fact that I was doing it for close to two hours without interruption. This, of course, was only because Esther's mother was handling the interruption for me.

I decided that since it is nearly impossible to keep a thought in my mind any more and since our schedule has been ground into a mash of barely wakefulness, it might be a good idea to pull out the old Clie once again and try to use it to manage some lists of the things I need to get done. I can't trust my brain to remember anything any more, so I certainly need some help.

Unfortunately, after several hours of wrestling with the concept (I even learned graffiti again), I discovered that it simply was not meant to be. The Clie will not sync with the computer because there is no hotsync software which works with 64 bit operating systems. I found this out after jumping through many hoops, including installing Outlook and forcing it to sync with my Google calendars (two long adventures in their own right).

I suppose I will have to wait for the Google phone to come out to see if there is any way to manage my life in a more cohesive fashion. For now, I will just stick to 3x5 index cards.

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