Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas Reminder

RE: Gifts

Please remember almost everything I desire ranges from $150-$1500, and is thus well outside the realm of holiday exchange. I would much rather funds would be diverted to presents for the kids (mine or yours or others) who will positively burst with excitement over everything. That's a lot of fun.

For any who still insist, gift cards to Amazon work fine or you can find my current list of envious desires on my weblog: > tech.envy

Not everything in this list is untoward in expense. Ink cartridge packs and Apica Twin Rings are just under $5, while the Begasse is $15 and the Retro 1951 Tornado will generally run about $20. It goes up from there, but the Leuchtturm and Lamy Safari are $28 and $29 respectively with the Chromecast Audio ringing in at $35 each and the TWSBI being the most expensive around $60. All of the above would be very exciting. You'll not find any Pilot Vanishing Point on the list - not because I don't want one, but because I am not yet the kind of guy who can stomach spending $150 - $700 on a pen. I mention it here for obvious reasons.

I love Christmas and I look forward to spending time with everyone possible. I feel much more relaxed with this wants part out of the way.

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