Friday, January 9, 2015

Fitness Challenge

I confess I've been reluctant to add anything to this site recently because my previous two posts were so satisfying to me on many levels. I would however, like to try to transcribe some of my thoughts as my wife and I join the Winter fitness challenge at Physzique. I anticipate a great many impulses will try to hold sway over the coming weeks and it seems posterity would demand a record of these experiences.

I will be honest and state that my overall goal is to lose about 100 pounds. I doubt that is even remotely possible to accomplish within 12 weeks, but that's what I want to shoot for. There are prizes to be won in the challenge by those who manage to lose the highest percentage of body weight. I am a very large individual, though, so I think I might lose a lot of weight, but I don't think my actual percentages will be very high.

Esther and I have our own side bet for the right to spend the remains of our tax return. It has the same rules, but less contenders. I have my doubts about winning this bet also. Esther is in much better shape than I am and has the potential to accomplish more percentage-wise with the 12 weeks than I could. Whatever the results may be, though, I think this incentive will go a long way toward keeping me motivated.

My real prize is going to be the ability to play with my boys again. I can't really place a price on the ability to bend and move and run and play and not be exhausted all the time. That's what I am really after.

It all starts tomorrow.

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