Thursday, August 29, 2013

For the record

For my birthday, I received all of the tech gadgets I lusted after most. This is no small feat, considering the cost of these items. Happily, now, I am sitting with my new Razer BlackWidow keyboard, typing away and clicking gleefully on my new Razer Taipan mouse, which is much more comfortable to my hand than my previous Razer Lachesis ever managed to be. When I have a chance to play a long distance game with friends, I will also now be able to use my Razer Kraken headset to finally skype or teamspeak or whatever with ease and comfort. Each of these items is just as wonderful and convenient as I had hoped all along.

Also, I didn't really expect to receive any of these things, but through a collaboration of kindness from my mother-and-father-in-law and the unexpected generosity of one of my brothers coupled to the benevolence of my loving wife, I was able to afford both the Taipan and the Kraken (nevermind the debts we have left to pay off, they have no place in a birthday - don't tell Dave Ramsey that, though). My good friend Jerod dug deeply and unexpectedly to provide me with the BlackWidow, which is a gift I am still struggling to wrap my head around.

The technology I received shouldn't completely steal the day away, though. I did also receive possibly the world's best cordless drill from my own parents, which is a gift whose munificence rivals all of the technology gifts combined. The drill is especially exciting because in the next week or so it will see its first outing as the tool of choice for creating the new co-sleeper for our next child. I am very much looking forward to this experience.

My other brother gave a gift suited to my gaming proclivities, as he is often wont to do. But don't let that sound like a put-down. I don't really have anyone else who will dependably collaborate on my gaming excursions. His gift was greatly welcomed.

My wife, in addition to the money for new electronic toys, also has put herself out over the course of the past three weeks baking some of the most incredible food I've ever tasted. She also bought me quite a few cookies and cupcakes and the like, which I will always enjoy. And she got me some new pens. For those who know me, new pens are especially exciting.

Oh, and Jonathan and Blair Blycker provided a gift certificate to one of my favorite restaurants, which will be wonderful to use. I am also looking forward to that.

Thank you very much, everyone. I think I might have forgotten a gift or two. How embarrassing. I can only beg understanding for how hard it is to remember them all when so thoroughly inundated with love.

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