Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Enough Of Thankfulness

I started a new job on Monday. I am trying hard to be thankful that I have a job as, apparently, the following are true:
1) I have been replaced as a van driver
2) There are no jobs out there
3) I am not worth more than $8.73/hr.

At first, the new job seemed really promising. The manager was talking about big weeks and good pay and blah blah blah. I didn't really know what to make of it but I kind of assumed (and it turned out I was right) that he was talking about best-case scenarios. After spending yesterday with an actual delivery driver, I have learned that the pay is not nearly as bright and sunny as one might suspect. It's not hourly although the job seems to entail long hours. For instance, I worked for 14.5 hours yesterday and made $130, which works out to about $8.90/hr. So, I suppose I should be thankful because I am making more than minimum wage. Almost 20 cents more. I am trying not to remember how, on a movie, I used to make $270 for the same number of hours. I am trying not to be depressed that I am earning less than half as much for a great deal more work.

On that subject. This job is furniture delivery. I hate moving. Moving is the worst. I wish I never had to move. I think God doesn't like it when I say the word "never." My job is literally to move furniture all day every day. I am trying to take it as a positive. With all of this exertion, I will be able to get back into shape. I can lose a few pounds. I can regain some of the strength of my youth. I can get rid of this gigantic gut I've been hauling around. That's what I am hoping for anyway. As of right now, I am pretty much the same fat guy, just so sore I can barely move.

Oh, I am not exaggerating. I can barely move. Lifting my arms is blindingly painful. I can only hope some of this subsides a bit before tomorrow when I go back to moving furniture all day.

As for writing, well, I can't say things look promising right now. With this job, granted after only one day of doing it, it seems I will be lucky if I get an opportunity to see Malachi and Esther for a few minutes on any given day. I don't really see myself spending any time writing.

It felt nicely vindictive to be honest for a few moments. Now I will go back to trying to convince myself that I am thankful and happy.

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