Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Today I am thankful for the rain. I love the rain. Sometimes I wish it could rain all year 'round. I love the pitter-pat of raindrops splashing into the ground. I love the liquidy bubbling of rainwater flowing to and fro with gravity. I love the overcast and oft ominous skies which accompany rain. I love the smell of rain - that earthy, tasty smell it puts into the air. I love the feel of its tiny wet pokes or misty spray. I even love the sensation of being pummeled by a relentless sheet of water cascading from overhead. I love pretty much everything about rain and if I had more time to write this, I would wax eloquent about as many of its facets as I could think of. Alas, I must away. I have windows to gaze out of, wife held tightly in my arms, watching the falling wonder wash our world in the twilight.

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