Monday, March 7, 2011

Last Week,

It all went by in a blur. I am certain I was busy. Very busy. I just don't remember what I was doing.

I seem to suffer from this problem quite often.

Anyway, back to life at hand. I am trying to generate a script. My first script. But it isn't about anything I am accustomed to writing. I heard rumors of a company looking to buy up as many "coming of age" scripts as they could get their hands on. Examples given are Knocked Up, Superbad and American Pie. I've seen some of those, but none of them are reflections of my writing style, interests or abilities. Regardless of this, I am going to do my best to come up with a passable idea. The concept of earning some money is too tantalizing to pass up.

This reality has generated the almost completely irrelevant question (unless something I wrote actually sold) of how I would feel about having my name attached to something morally reprehensible and/or blushingly vulgar. Well, I can't say, but I think I would be indifferent. Relieved perhaps. It would be nice to have anything "published" or purchased. It would make me look more attractive as a writer. But that's philosophical at best. I doubt if I sold a script or script idea that my name would come anywhere close to it. My name would slide off its Teflon-coated, contractually obfuscated side like a slab of butter. But fun to think about anyway.

That aside, I am trying my best to wrap up Jay's conversion project as swiftly as possible. Somewhere along the line I got bogged down and lost heart for the project. I wonder where? OH YEAH... IT WAS WHEN MY FILESERVER DIED AND MADE ME SAD SAD SADANGRY.

It's Monday! Let's have a good week.


You and I.

You being the reader of this. You have a good week.

...and I will endeavor to have a good one along with you.

At the same time.

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