Friday, January 7, 2011


I speculate that I am getting close to the source of our fileserver's problems. I am not 100% positive they have been fixed, but a good amount of time has passed with no incident, despite my best efforts at replicating the problem. I am doing my best to stress the computer's power supply in the hope of instigating some kind of crash to prove the power supply is suspect. So far, no luck. The computer seems to be running stable, although the Boxee Box has lost sight of it again (inexplicably). I am starting to think that the Boxee Box losing its connection to the fileserver is more a problem with the Boxee Box than it is a problem with the fileserver, though.

The only other aspect of the setup which is suspect is the HDMI out on the motherboard. I am still getting some strange errors when I turn the television on or off. Not like error windows or anything, just stray oddness. For instance, sometimes the mouse and keyboard will stop working when the television gets turned off. Other times it will have no effect. I think the computer crashed once when I turned off the television as well, but I am not entirely certain this is the case. I am trying to test out the HDMI connection to see if it is truly a problem or not. Perhaps I would be better just plugging the television into the DVI port instead and taking the HDMI out of the equation entirely.

Suffice it to say, the fileserver remains a mystery to me. I cannot seem to pinpoint where the problems are stemming from.

In other news, many of my concerns have been lifting over the past few days which feels nice. I still struggle with understanding how I am supposed to provide for my family in the years ahead, but I am sure God will make that clear as soon as I need it to be. In the meantime, I am just trying to stay productive between job searches, query letters, new writing and fixing up things around the house (mostly the fileserver).

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