Thursday, May 27, 2010


The new Dew flavors are all great. Here's my thoughts.

Strong lime flavor. I like it a lot. It kind of reminds me of an otter pop. It's not the kind of soda you can drink a whole bottle of without getting tired of it. I thought it was a better lime than Baja Blast at first, but now I have decided I definitely like Baja Blast better.

Fruity and delicious. My first bottle tasted like liquid tropical Skittles and didn't impress me because of its lack of Mountain Dew-i-ness. Later batches have improved my opinion significantly. I really like this flavor now.

White Out:
Like the perfect blend of Squirt and Mountain Dew. It's smooth and awesome. This flavor was my first favorite and... I think it might still be my favorite. It's a close call now, though, Typhoon is really good.

Final verdict: I like both White Out and Typhoon better than the last winner, Voltage. I wish we could keep them both.

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