Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Naturally you would want some updates

The end of the week got really difficult with my schedule flipping from days to splits to nights. That's why I didn't post anything about my "diet." Also, I have been very sick.

It is still going strong, though I don't actually remember specifics. Perhaps I ought to write down every time I eat something, that would help me track it better. I have got into the habit of eating mostly salad during dinner and then some steak. I've been doing fairly well staying away from the bread (my favorite food in the world) at meals and keeping the carbs out. I am not completely carb free by any means, but I remain committed to cutting my food intake and especially my carbs (sugars mostly) in the days to come. Now I just need to get back on the update horse.

By Sunday I had upped my water intake from ~16oz/day to 80oz/day and I am trying to maintain it.

Thanks for all the hints and encouragement, they help a lot.

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