Sunday, February 7, 2010

First Word

I think we are prepared to say Malachi's official first word is "hug." I have no idea when children normally start talking or how this relates to their first word. I couldn't tell you if saying a word at two months is impressive or not. All I can say is that I am impressed personally.

It ranks as one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had, leaning over Malachi and asking him to say "hug." Because he then gets an endearing look of concentration on his face, opens his little mouth wide and blurts out what I can only describe as a very honest and fairly accurate attempt at the word "hug."

When Esther first told me Malachi was saying the word I thought it must be pure coincidence. He must be gurgling or cooing or some such and it just sounds a lot like he is saying a word. I have changed my mind now. He definitely is reacting specifically to the request to say the word, applying effort and concentration with a consistent result.

He says "hug." Color me amazed.

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