Saturday, January 30, 2010

Desk pictures

I finally copied over some pictures of the desk building process. Our living room was a huge mess in anticipation of the desks being built to hold all of our junk. They still aren't holding all of our junk, but we have it stacked under the desks, waiting for the polycrilic to finish curing.

The first thing I did was move all the pieces into the house from the garage so they could be warmed up before I put the whole desk together.

We managed to get Esther's desk together quickly and easily and stood it up as soon as the glue dried enough to allow it. I don't mean to be overly impressed with myself, but I was surprised and pleased with how good the desk looked all put together. The colors really worked well for what I was trying to accomplish.

After getting Esther's desk up, we put mine together. The boards for my desk were bowed and warped a bit more than I had hoped, but just adding some books worked well to even everything out (unfortunately I don't have any clamps long enough to clamp the desk together).

The end result is fantastic. I don't have a picture of the desks with all the things from the living room packed underneath, but this one gives a good idea of what the whole setup looks like together. The middle shelf is not built yet, mostly because I don't have the materials I need to make it and I am sure the whole thing will look even better once the middle shelf is added to the setup. But I think it looks really great right now too.

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